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Unique and revolutionary product to clean and polish all parts of cars, motorbikes, helmets, caravans, boats, bikes. Thanks to its exclusive formula it can be safely applied to all types of paintings and all kinds of surfaces: •metal •plastic and plexiglass •glass •aluminum alloys •chrome parts •rubber •carbon fiber •etc. It leaves no buildups or stains on rubber, plastic, vinyl, etc. It easily removes stubborn dirt, tar, insects, tree sap, bird droppings, spots and stains, etc. Synpol is easy to apply and it acts rapidly in a single stroke.

A professional, delicate and highly effective polishing cream with pure Carnauba wax. Polishes and protects every part of your car, motorbike, caravans, helmets, bikes, etc. A non abrasive, non aggressive product that provides a brilliant “crystal effect” to treated parts. Carnauba is a natural wax that provides the shiniest finish to painted parts, and is especially effective to renew dull and faded painting (i.e. vintage cars and motorbikes). Carnauba wax forms a tough shield against dirt and atmospheric agents, and lasts longer than other protectants.

It’s a light abrasive polish for car body that easily eliminates scratches and paint imperfections, swirl marks and oxidation providing a deep, flowless shine. Finish also restores dull, neglected paint to a glossy finish. It can be applied with a soft cloth (Synpol Cleaner New) or with a polish machine. Do not use on plastics and rubber.

A real “beauty cream” for leather interiors, a gentle treatment to clean, condition and protect all leather parts: •Seats •Consoles •Dashboards •Armrests •Door panels •etc. With its cosmetic oils it cleans and protects the leather from dirt leaving its original shine and look, without any unnatural gloss. Its highly conditioning and moisturizing components help prevent the leather from drying and wearing, maintaining it soft and like new. It is suggested also for the care of leather motorbike seats, leather jackets, gloves and boots. Do not apply on suede leather.

Car Shampoo

Soft SuperMicrofiber cloth specific for the application of all Synpol products. It provides perfect cleaning and polishing results easily and quickly. It leaves no swirls or marks, with no risk to scratch treated parts. The cloth is washable by hand or washing mashine several times. Cloths Dimension cm. 32x32

Car Washing Mitt

High quality Microfiber wiping and drying cloth.
High absorbent power.
More resistant and long-lasting than natural deerskin.
To be used Easily eliminate all the water after washing. No swirls – No spots
Dimension cm. 40x60.


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