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It’s a light abrasive polish for car body that easily eliminates scratches and paint imperfections, swirl marks and oxidation providing a deep, flowless shine. Finish also restores dull, neglected paint to a glossy finish. It can be applied with a soft cloth (Synpol Cleaner New) or with a polish machine. Do not use on plastics and rubber.

How to use:
shake well the bottle before use. Pour a small amount of Finish on a soft dry cloth (best our Cleaner New microfiber cloth), than apply smoothly with circular motion a a small area. As soon as it dries, buff it away with a clean part of the cloth. Pass to another section. If applied with a polish machine, use a soft buffing pad and speed between 800 and 2000 RPM with light to medium pressure. As it dries, buff it away with a clean soft pad.

Bottle : 200 ml

Price: 9,84 €
VAT 22%2,16 €
Total: 12,00 €


Car Body